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My name is Alex Fit. I am a web specialist with over 15 years of solid professional experience. My area of expertise includes everything from website development, maintenance and support to the effective website promotion and advertisement.

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Since 2005 I have been actively engaged in various commercial commodity ventures in more than 20 areas and for each I created an internet portal and set up a successful advertising product. I am proud to say that I learned from the first-class professionals in my industry.
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Squatters take over Georgia man’s home while he was caring for sick wife — and now he can’t evict them: report

Reports suggest that Paul Callins is just one of many homeowners in the Atlanta area facing issues with squatters. It is a growing problem that is causing headaches for property owners across the city. The Rise of Squatting in Atlanta In recent years, the number of squatters in Atlanta has been on the rise. These individuals often take advantage of vacant properties or homes that are in foreclosure. Paul Callins’ Story Paul Callins, a resident of Atlanta, has been struggling with squatters in his neighborhood. He has reported incidents of individuals illegally occupying homes in his area, causing disturbances and lowering property values. The Impact on Homeowners For homeowners like Paul Callins, dealing with squatters can be a frustrating and

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Program for at-risk NYC students imperiled by loss of federal stimulus funds as city spends on migrants

As federal emergency COVID funding comes to an end in June, a crucial program that supports thousands of at-risk youths may face budget cuts, according to sources. The program, which has been instrumental in preventing dropouts among vulnerable youth, is now at risk of losing its funding without additional support. Without the necessary financial backing, the program may struggle to continue its important work in providing essential services to those who need it most. It is imperative that alternative funding sources are identified to ensure the program’s sustainability and continued impact on the lives of at-risk youths. Program for at-risk NYC students imperiled by loss of federal stimulus funds as city spends on migrants The Impact of Federal Stimulus Funds

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Staten Island’s St. Patrick’s parade — ‘last in the world’ to exclude LGBTQ groups — steps off for 60th year

Celebrating Diversity: A New St. Patrick’s Day Parade In a groundbreaking move this year, a second St. Patrick’s Day parade will take place on March 17th. This parade is unique in that it is inclusive of LGBTQ groups, allowing them to march proudly under their own banners. Embracing Diversity and Inclusion The decision to include LGBTQ groups in the St. Patrick’s Day parade marks a significant step towards greater diversity and inclusion in the community. By giving these groups a platform to celebrate their identities, the parade promotes acceptance and unity among all participants. A Historic Moment This historic event represents a turning point in the traditional celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. It demonstrates a shift towards a more inclusive

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Photos surface of Calif. receptionist wounded by ex-patient as her slain dentist boss is laid to rest

Yareli Carrillo, a 28-year-old office worker, was injured in the leg during a violent incident that took place on a Thursday afternoon in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego. A photo of her smiling on her birthday in 2022, standing alongside the late Dr. Benjamin Harouni, was shared on the clinic’s Instagram page. Surviving a Traumatic Event Yareli Carrillo, a young office worker, found herself caught in the midst of a harrowing event that left her injured. Despite the trauma she experienced, she managed to maintain a positive attitude, as evidenced by her smiling birthday photo with Dr. Benjamin Harouni. Resilience in the Face of Adversity Yareli Carrillo’s resilience shines through in the aftermath of the attack. Despite being

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NYC lobbyists racked up nearly $131 million last year promoting casinos, soccer stadium, real estate

The Drive to Establish Casinos in New York City Sparks Lobbying Frenzy In recent times, there has been a significant surge in efforts to introduce casinos in New York City. This initiative has led to a substantial increase in the hiring of lobbyists by gaming companies. These lobbyists have been tasked with the responsibility of garnering support from key figures such as Mayor Eric Adams and council members. Lobbyists Play a Crucial Role in Advocating for Casino Expansion The role of lobbyists in advocating for the expansion of casinos in New York City cannot be overstated. These individuals are instrumental in presenting the benefits of introducing casinos to the city, such as job creation, increased revenue, and economic growth. By

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